A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technique of accessing the internet through a private network and not the typical ISP. The VPN encrypts all the information it receives from your computer, phone or tablet such that no one else can access it. This method was initially used by businesses that wanted to share information and data with employees even when they were at home or abroad. Employees could still log in to the networks, access data, share and work on projects just as they would have done if they were in the office.

Nowadays, the VPN service is being used more for private reasons than to share data. The ease of the exchange of information and conducting transactions online has more people choosing to operate online than offline. You can make payments, close deals and pursue leads from the comfort of your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. You no longer need to meet people face to face to conduct business.

The ease that comes with online transactions has seen more people resulting in using public networks in cyber cafes, restaurants, and airports. It is possible to transact business but how safe is it from hackers. If you want to secure your connections, then a VPN should be your ideal choice. The VPN service provider gives you a new IP address and encrypts data so that no one can access any of your online activities. What are the benefits?

Improved Security

It is estimated that cybercrime has risen from zero to over 125% in 2015 and no one is safe. The 2017 attack on Gmail where logging details for over a million accounts were collected just shows how smart attackers have become. To secure your information, you need to use a VPN. Only you and the VPN provider can access the information. Some governments require VPN providers to store log information for all their clients, therefore, the need to choose a VPN that does not store data such as those found in the USA. When using public networks, make sure a VPN protects you.


You can use the internet without worrying about someone checking what you have been up to. If you want to download from your computer at work, a VPN will ensure that no one can retrace your online footsteps. Also, your passwords, details, and information are secure. When you want to make purchases or send sensitive information, you are assured that no one else can access it. Since the VPN gives you a different IP address, it will be hard to detect your location. You can be in South Africa, yet the VPN address indicates that you are located somewhere in UK or any other place of choice. The data is encrypted meaning that no one can read it.

No More Online Barriers

Some websites are only accessible to specified countries. If you want to check them out or get a hold of channels that you would otherwise not access from your country, a VPN can benefit you. It gives you an IP address in the desired country. This enables you to access the internet as if you are located there.

On the same note, some countries limit internet access to some websites. When you visit these countries, you want to be able to browse just as you used to in your mother country. For instance, China limits access to Facebook, Twitter YouTube among other sites. A VPN will help you disguise your IP address when you visit the country enabling you to access the restricted sites. Locals in China also use VPN to access the same sites.

Business owners can also benefit from using a VPN, especially when communicating with clients. When they have to move from one country to another, they can still maintain the VPN of their business location. This means that all emails and correspondence to the clients will be from one central location address.

Customers can raise eyebrows, and some even avoid transacting with you when they notice the different places you operate from. They may think that you might not be available when they need you. Getting a VPN is quite important when communicating with new clients or prospects.

More Productivity

Companies offer their employees VPN providers to enable them to access information even when they are at home or away for holiday and business. It allows employees to carry on with work even after they have left the office. Students can also access information while away from school. The free VPN provided for by a company can also be used for security purposes when accessing public networks such as airport WIFI.

Clients Can Trust You More

Because of the many cyber-attacks, customers might hesitate before they give you their details. You can assure them of the security measures you have put in place such as using a VPN provider to secure their data. The recent attacks on the IRS system have left many worried about the safety of their information.

It is Affordable

When you consider all the benefits you get when using a VPN, putting aside about $10 every month will be a worthy investment. There are free VPN providers, but the downside to using them is they make accessing the internet slower. This is because of having too many users accessing the system. Also, they display ads on your browser and can have a limited number of servers you can choose from. If you are new to VPN providers, you can choose the free versions, have a feel of how things work then upgrade.

You risk a lot when you do not protect your information online. Hackers are always on the lookout to find any vulnerable victims they can take advantage of. Do not be on the receiving side. Protect yourself with an affordable yet dependable VPN. You will be more comfortable accessing the internet from public networks. At the same time, you will be able to work at ease knowing that no one is looking over your shoulder.

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